DEMOlition 2011

by Grudges

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released August 3, 2011

Recorded and mixed by travis bacon. mastered by jack control at Enormous Door



all rights reserved


Grudges Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Belfry Falls
Apologists gone
Retribution comes at dawn
Break free form the covenant
Abolish of apostles

Reduce to Ashes to repent
Contrition for the false
The hell unleashed never falters

Shatter mosaic walls
drown the saviors in blood
may your bells ring no more
As the ignited belfry falls

Sticks are bundled Stakes are raised
As we set this house ablaze

These words burned in the floor
From the ones they chose to “save”

grasp the truth you crave
Send the holy to their grave
Track Name: Caution Tape Around Your Corner Office
Flesh burns with anguish
The only hope
To break the wills of prophets
Slice them from their thrones

Heaves of human garbage
Crimson window stains
Fatal call for justice
Brief cases fill these graves

Cock it backwards
Load the chamber
Keep your eyes on the culprit
Sinking slowly
Into madness
A product of these dead end days
Vengeance for your shallow way

Your stocks they plumit
As rounds role through the office

Every bullet

Every head

Will not account

For those already dead

International Monetary fuckead ruling class

Beg for your life yuppie scum as this moment will be your last
Track Name: Endless Blockheads
The shoelace around your head must have cut off circulation to your brain.

Spikey punx distort nyc.

Dis dis destroying my scene.

Fuck glue. Fuck you.
Track Name: Marylin
I stand
This cemetery
Goes for miles
And lies all die

One shovel
One cancer
One casket
This ending life

First mound of dirt
Weeping family
Taken so young
To return to earth

Parents can hardly stand.
Every ounce of strength
I look through the shades
To hide my face
So little I know
About this grief
Fear it grips me
With no escape
Track Name: Net Worth
What do you define as terror?
Billions killed for a first world existence
Vs. an inevitable act of retaliation

Shedding tears as bodies hit the pavement
Ignoring persistent extinction and containment

When violence has one face and name
A culture of murderers may reign

Pathological content
Mourning holocausts, Destructive plots, Explosive acts of suicide
While the soil beneath your feet
Soft with blood from the greater fucking genocides

Chaos measured in disturbance
And its systematic threats

Terror defined who's the perpetrator
And the net worth of who's dead
Track Name: Routine to Ashes, Torment to Dust
My fingers are cracked and my lips are chapped.
Break my back everyday for pennies.
I try to escape from this cold but nothing works.
Slave to money. Slave to system. Slave to greed.

Manual labor is my game.
My body aches from the pain.
I want to set this place on fire.
Every last fucking brick burnt to the ground.

a burning fury
a tank of gas
ignited disdain
and a single match

taking shit from 9 to 5
taking shit to stay alive
draw a line in the sand
you feel revenge from my hands

routine to ashes
torment to dust

arsonists prayer
foundation crumbled
reduced to smolder and dust